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Do you want your blog to be a traffic magnet, look gorgeous and run like a Porsche

…all within your budget and your schedule?

I have you covered with a premade WordPress theme, configured for speed + traffic and customized to be as unique as you so you can cruise in style

Hi! My name’s Vanita. I’m a Designer, Blogger, Podcaster, Web Business Marketing Strategist and a Supporter of Mom Entrepreneurs Everywhere.

I have worked with everyone from bloggers interested in revamping their brands to mompreneurs running home-based businesses around their children’s naptimes.

Hire me and you will:

Save days of your precious time. Time you could be spending cuddling your kids or doing what you do best – making money. Or just chilling with your feet up.

Be proud of a fabulous website that reflects you and does what you want it to.

Never stress over hackers or losing your hard work

Get noticed! Yes, Google will love you and introduce a new audience to you.

Have me to hold your hand as you step forward in style

Not hiring me could mean:

Being overwhelmed by all the techie stuff and waiting indefinitely to set up your website.

Losing sleep and get red-eyed over what the heck all that code on your page is about because you really have no time to lose days over figuring out ERROR codes or all the backend work that goes into keeping your website running.

Saying goodbye to potential readers because your site didn’t show up on Google.

Regretting not backing up your website and spending big bucks on retrieving it or worse, having to do it all over again.

You want to hire me because I am
Upfront and honest
Expert at what I do
Keep my promises
And….I care.

You get:

  • Installation of a premade theme.
  • Theme configuration
  • Homepage configuration
  • Custom coding for colors and fonts.
  • Social Media follow and share plugins installed and configured
  • Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Publisher configuration and code implementation
  • SEO plugin installation and configuration (if not built into the theme)
  • Security, database optimization, spam/comment system, and caching plugins installation and configuration
  • Text logo creation or upload of your existing header/logo art.

30 days of design support covers 1 rounds of change related to: color, font or homepage configuration. 2 months of support via email to answer how-to questions relevant to the use and maintenance of the theme.

Cost: $750 + 8.875% NY Sales Tax plus cost of theme .  Does not include cost of hosting.

Need a header designed from composited art and fonts? Additional $100 + 8.875% NY Sales Tax  (standalone price $150)

Design and implementation of Mailchimp RSS Feed, Optin box, Optin page and Newsletter Additional $130 + 8.875% NY Sales Tax  (standalone price $180)

Need a virtual one-on-one SEO training session? Additional $100 + 8.875% NY Sales Tax  (standalone price $150)


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A Few WordPress Website Design Testimonials

Vanita is the genius who designed my blog. She found out exactly what made me tick, listened to the voice of my posts and created a design that matched me perfectly. And if you think all the little whimsical icons came from my fertile imagination…whilst I’d really like to take the credit, I cannot tell a lie…Vanita came up with the all those concepts. And I think they’re pretty cool. For anyone who has experienced less than stellar followup, you need Vanita. It seemed she was always available and I kid you not when I tell you, she even got up from her sick bed to support me. She genuinely wants to help and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. What more could anyone ask for? A genius designer and a wonderful support. To say I’m happy would be an understatement. The only other thing I have to say is thank you. Thanks Vanita for your brilliance. – Elle Sommers of Reflecting A Life


When my former blog needed help making the leap to a different hosting company I knew I was in good hands with Vanita. She came highly recommended to me by other trusted bloggers and it gave me such peace of mind to know I wasn’t going to lose any hard work. Thanks to Vanita’s design, my site looks fresh, clean, and better still–the foundation is strong. No more slow-to-load, faulty blog issues. She continues to be my wordpress guru. Thanks again Vanita! –Sarah Reinhart


The only thing Vanita Cyril has more of than talent and SEO know-how is patience. I know this because Vanita encouraged me to step away from an established blog and guided me through the rebranding process. Prior to connecting with Vanita, I was struggling to find my online voice. She helped me narrow my focus and held my hand during the entire design process. The end result is a professional, SEO optimized website that I feel confident navigating. I highly recommend The Strategic Mama for SEO training, website design, and blog consulting. It was worth every penny. – Poppy Marley, Facing40.com and Funnyorsnot.com

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More On WordPress

Once upon a time, when my first blog barely had 2 dozen posts, I decided to leave Blogger (BlogSpot). I barely had readers, I had no type of alexa ranking or page ranking to speak of and at the time I wasn’t interested in the blog making me money.

I was blogging for pleasure. Blogging to socialize with other moms.

Sharing whatever popped into my head about life and family. Grabbed a couple of freebies here and there in return for reviews.

In the grand scheme of things, what I blogged may not have seemed important, BUT it was important, to me. They were MY words, about MY life but frankly they didn’t belong to me. Oh nooo. When you’re using a free blogging platform, whether you buy your domain or not, everything you do on that blog and for that blog, belongs to the platform.

Even worse, while I was on the Blogger (Blogspot) platform, my site went down and there wasn’t a bloody thing I could do about it. And I’d wait in fear that it wouldn’t return and I’d lose everything.

I won’t lie to you, at first the idea was scary. Why the hell was I going to put money into something I did for fun? I wasn’t running a business from my blog, why would I need a pro website? I had a couple of years of experience in WP for business sites, but hadn’t considered it for my personal blog. Why did I want to make that commitment? Then I looked at Blogger blogs vs. WordPress blogs.

To be honest, I picked specific mom blogs that I visited and took a closer look at who they were and what was in their sidebars. SEOQuake for Google Chrome is a great add-on to help you learn more about other blogs.

The majority of the “big” mom bloggers I followed at the time, had better alexa rankings, some had page rankings and all had the damnedest coolest designed WordPress blogs.
The really cool mom bloggers on blogspot, that had lots of comments on each post, had not-so-great rankings, but had page rankings and their blogs were good looking but were missing the bells and whistles I saw on the WordPress blogs.
The Blogger moms had affiliate links, yes, but no “big” sponsors as the WordPress mom bloggers with the same page ranking and similar comment count did.

Now keep in mind, this is based on the bloggers I looked at, not all bloggers, so don’t go jumping down my bloody throat.

Now, like I said, I wasn’t interested in making money with the blog at the time, but I was interested in one day working from home. So I looked at my blog from a business stand point and realized, I’d been really slacking off. There is so much I know about Design, Search engine Marketing and Self-promotion, but none of it was evident on my blog. I realized that if I could take my blog and transform it into something cool AND marketable, I could use it to make an income.

Since moving to WordPress 5+ years ago, I’ve branched out and niched down and expanded to The Strategic Mama.

If you’re looking to do something “more” with your blog, in my opinion, WordPress is the way to go. And don’t fear self-hosting. Once your blog is configured, you hardly ever have to sign into your hosting account. Your daily routine is done within the WordPress Dashboard. The only time you need to visit your hosting is if you need to make big changes.