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The Fine Print

I’m a bluehost reseller

As such I’m able to offer smaller packages at a smaller cost than regular hosting but I’m a one woman show and can’t offer 24/7 tech support.

I am reachable by email from 7am to 8pm/7 days except holidays.

The benefit of hosting with me is I am hosting savvy since I do offer blog moving services and I’m a wordpress blog designer so I know the structure. You’ll never hear me say “wordpress is an add-on application, contact them” which is something godaddy told me a lot back in the day.

if you have server related tech issues i’m there for you as long as i’m awake and near a computer.

if you’ve made changes to your site that takes your site down, feel free to send me an email describing the errors and what changes were made. I’ll send you instructions on techniques you can try to resolve the issue. (i’m not saying you can’t try new plugins, but be sure to run a backup of your blog before doing so and researching the plugin before installing. sometimes when a plugin takes your site down, it can be corrected easily and sometimes it can’t.)

if i need to personally sign into your account to make corrections for you, I do charge $10/per hour to hosting customers. I charge anyone else $30/per hour.

your site will be hosted on a share server. which means you all share the same IP. If you decide you’d like a dedicated IP, bluehost offers this at an additional $2 per month and the fee would be included in your bill.

Terms and Conditions

Payments are made via automatic payment monthly or every 6 months based on the package you choose. If your payment fails to process, you’ll receive an email with info on how to avoid suspension of your account. Seventy-two hours after suspension, your website will be deleted from the servers. Payment is your responsibility. Hosting your site is my responsibility for only as long as payments are being made.

As a customer on my hosting, please understand, you’ll be on a shared IP with other bloggers.

(unless you purchase a dedicated IP)

Being on a shared IP, which I’ll be sharing with you, you are not allowed to do the following:

No Porn Content

No Drugs Content

No Weapons Content

No unlicensed themes.

No unlicensed plugins.

No publishing copyrighted material.

Violation of the above gives me the right to shut you down and cancel your subscription.

Please note these rules are subject to change and can get stiffer for the purpose of protecting all customers hosting with me.

***Everything above is subject to change without notice. Existing customers would be notified of price changes 3 months in advance unless circumstances require otherwise.