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How To Stop WordPress Comment Spam

WordPress Comment Spam

Sifting through hundreds of pending comments a day to find the real comments?

As a blogger you may be against having any real comments go to spam in fear that you’ll offend a fellow blogger – totally understandable.

As a new blogger you may have trouble deciphering between fake comments and new comments.

You may be wondering why do people spam your blog anyway? Who has that kind of time, right?

Today I’m sharing with you:

  1. Why people spam your WordPress blog (and how they make the time).
  2. How spam comments affect your bounce rate.
  3. How to tell the difference between real comments and fake comments.
  4. How spam comments can tear down your blog.
  5. How you can stop WordPress comment spam.

WordPress Comment Spam

Why people spam your WordPress blog.

There are three types of spammers.

1.The “slimy guys”.

2. Your bloggy friends.

I’ll explain.

The Slimy Guys make their dollars by charging businesses to increase their search engine ranking and traffic.  They use the very old school method of building links to the business’s site (or promotion media, think youtube, facebook) from other blogs. Usually they do this by filling in the name field of your comment section using “anchor text” – text that is the keyword term that a business wants to rank for in search engine results – and adding links to your comment section from within their “comment”. The old school method is suppose to help these businesses rank in the search engine results based on the amount of links pointing to them.

Where do these guys find the time to do this?

Do they sit there and visit each blog and leave their comment?

No. There is software available that the Slimy Guys can use to hunt down those blog posts that relate to their client’s site and then the software fills out the fields with pre-written info.

Have you ever been surprised to find that as soon as you’re done filtering your pending folder and emptying your spam folder that you now have 30 new comments awaiting your approval? This is because you’re one person fighting against lord knows how many Slimy Guys, all of which have software that automates everything. Takes 20 minutes for them to configure the software, then they click a “go” button and leave the software to do its thing while they go on with their lives (and you spend hours of your life – that you’ll never get back – filtering it all).

As for your Bloggy Friends…they are in no way slimy. They visit to leave a comment and share your content without actually reading the post. They’re really truly trying to help, within their very small time frame. Why do I consider them spammers? Read on…

How WordPress spam comments affect your bounce rate.

Every visit under 2 minutes hurts your bounce rate.

The Slimy Guys’ software takes only a few seconds to do the needful and leave.

Bloggy friends (and tribe members of commenting focused tribes) have a million things to do and sometimes dozens of blogs to visit. Sometimes there’s no time to read the post, but they want to help. So they skim, leave a comment, share and are out of there within a minute. Yes a minute. Test it out. I ran the test on my own blog  and was able to be on to the next blog within 53 seconds. Technically, they’re spammers.

How to tell the difference between real comments and fake comments.

The Arabic writing reads Burberry Blue Label. It’s a clothing line. You can tell from the person’s “name” not being a person’s name, but instead a possible product name, their crappy website url and the vague comment that it’s a spam comment.

wordpress comment spam

Same thing here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.14.15 AM

Real comments will have real names in the name field.

They’ll sometimes have a picture avatar.

The website url will link to a credible website or there will be no url at all. (Not everyone has a website. )

And no links that lead to a product unless you’ve requested it from that person in a response. (many people know that just adding links within comments is bad form)

How spam comments can tear down your WordPress blog.

Spam comments are saved in your database. Many people choose to just ignore the comments because they don’t have the time to sit there and delete them all. The spam comments with all their links build up. Bloating your database. Eventually your site gets really slow. Sometimes so slow that it can’t connect to the database because the database is so bloated it can’t load.

Also note, your blog host places time out restrictions on load time of blog pages. If the database doesn’t load in time, your visitor receives an on-screen error message. At this point you need to ask your host to empty all of your unapproved comments (this can include pending good comments that you were planning to get to when you have a minute).

How you can stop WordPress comment spam.

There are two commenting systems that I know of that are very good with spam.

Disqus and Commentluv Premium.

Disqus comments are not saved on your blog, those they are accessible through your blog, and Disqus has their own anti-spam system built in. So no worries about bloating your database. Disqus allows visitors to sign in using their social media logins. This is great if you’re focused on building your social media following on a specific platform. And Disqus is free!

Commentluv Premium [CLP] is a whole different beast. In my opinion, it’s the crème de la crème of commenting systems. And I’m not saying that because I’m an affiliate. I’m an affiliate because it is an awesome product. Please see my disclaimer in the sidebar for complete disclosure.

CLP’s built in spam destroyer is a module named G.A.S.P.

There’s a free version available but it in no way compares to the version built into Commentluv Premium.

Commentluv Premium’s G.A.S.P. feature can block spam software so crap comments never have a chance to bloat your database. One of the many options that keeps spammers out of your database is  the “Where to send suspicious comments?” option. By choosing “warn” from the drop down menu, spam software is blocked with a pop up message from you.  Another option to stop spam software is the keypress setting. Spam software don’t need to press keyboard keys. G.A.S.P. can detect if the field is filled in via a bot or a person.

If you have Commentluv Premium and have not been able to configure it to do so, I’ll be including configuration screenshots at the end of this post.

CLP’s G.A.S.P. can also warn your bloggy friends that they have not spent enough time on the page with a custom message from you. Mine reads:

Hi there! In an attempt to deter spammers and lower my bounce rate due to comment-hit-and-run, may I ask you to please spend at least 2 minutes on the page  before leaving a comment. Thanks for your support. Looking forward to meeting you and visiting your blog.

 So, Disqus and Commentluv do the same thing, right?


Commentluv is my commenting system of choice because of  traffic generation capabilities too. You can learn about them on the Commentluv Premium page. It’s helped me greatly in building my community by leading me to those bloggers who truly dig me and by exposing me to posts I may have not have come across otherwise.

Being a premium member also allows me to pick and choose which of my posts I’d like to promote when leaving comments on Commentluv enabled sites. CLP is also great in encouraging social media sharing from those visitors who want the opportunity to pick which of their own posts they want to promote when leaving a comment on your blog.


WordPress comment spam bites. You can avoid losing hours of your life cleaning out spam comments by installing Disqus or Commentluv Premium.


If you need help configuring CommentLuv to stop WordPress Comment Spam or if you’re interested in using my affiliate link to buy Commentluv Premium and would like to see how easy it is to configure before buying it, I have two quick and dirty PDFs for you:

1. How to Configure the Anti-Spam settings of G.A.S.P.

2. How to generate traffic with Commentluv.

Click to automatically Download.

Also, to clarify, CommentLuv Premium is a paid plugin with three pricing options and a 30 day money back guarantee.