You read it right.

Spongebob would kick ass at blogging.

And yes, I’ve been watching too much Spongebob Squarepants lately.

What can I say?

I’ve got 4 kids in the house and they all bump heads and start screaming for mom.

Followed by complaints. Complaints I can’t understand cause they’re all yelling at the same time.

Damian stole my book. Sabrina won’t share the sofa. Natasha took my train. Vanessa won’t let me change the channel.

And you’ve got to hear all of it while you’re cooking dinner.

See why I burn dinner so often?

Or why I forget and throw salt into the pot twice?

But that hasn’t happened in two weeks.

Why? Cause every afternoon when I head into the kitchen to cook, I tune the TV to Spongebob and for 90 minutes the four of ’em sit there mesmerized.

I did have some concerns after the first week of this little experiment. While I was cooking, I could hear the preschoolers chanting All Hail Plankton from the family room. Mentioned it to hubby and he said the wisest thing he’s ever said (other than will you marry me).

“Just be grateful they’re not chanting mommy”.

My hubby? Brilliant I tell you.

And if you’re ready to scroll down to the comments section to gripe about me allowing my kids to watch something as brain cell burning as Spongebob Squarepants, sistah, you can kiss my ass.

I need to have my sanity too and if Spongebob can help me get it, he can come on over for dinner every night. Slimy snail and all.

And honestly, I don’t mind the kids brains going to mush for an hour. These kids spend most of the day learning. That’s hard work no matter what age you are. Some vegetation time for them is similar to any adult turning on the boob tube after a long day at work.

But let’s move on to why bloggers need to Be Like Spongebob.

How To Blog

As enjoyable as blogging is, once you get sucked in and decide to make it a permanent part of your life, it’s a hard road to travel.

Its easy to give up within the first few months. There are road maps out there, but nothing specifically tailored to what we may dream up our blog should be. This causes discouragement, but in my humble opinion, if we were more like Spongebob, we could make it.

  1. Spongebob is relentless. He commits to something, he keeps at it with single minded focus. Whether it’s his goal to be the best fry cook ever or his need to get Squidward to play a game with him or his dream of getting his boating license, Spongebob keeps trying. He doesn’t see his small beginning as a hindrance, he doesn’t take no for an answer and even though he’s not the greatest driver, he keeps going knowing one day he’ll make it.
  2. Spongebob is optimistic. He always sees the silver lining. He believes anything is possible.
  3. Spongebob is brave. Though some may say he should be named Spongebob Scaredypants, he’ll step out of his comfort zone to prove his point. There was an episode where Sandy, the underwater squirrel dared Spongebob and company to head on up to dry land. He was afraid, yes, but he did it. True he was pecked at by seagulls afterwards, but he still did it and came back wiser. There’s also the episode where he and Patrick headed into the ring against wrestlers 10 times there size. He was scared to compete with pros but he didn’t give up.
  4. Spongebob is kind. He’s always willing to help someone out and gives them his best.
  5. Spongebob is friendly. Always happy to make a new friend. He’s the social butterfly of Bikini Bottom.

If us bloggers were

  • relentless in our pursuits,
  • optimistic even when are traffic is low,
  • brave enough to put ourselves out there against bloggers who have bigger audiences and have been blogging longer,
  • willing to give of ourselves by helping others,
  • and really took the time to network and know our audience,

we could kick ass at blogging.

Now I plan on being more like Spongebob this New Year. I need to get more personal with my network and be relentless in pursuing my goals of building more exposure for this blog.

How about you? Do you find any of Spongebob’s traits admiring? Can you see where being relentless, optimistic, brave, kind or friendly can help you ROCK YOUR BLOG in 2013? Can you Be Kick Ass Like Spongebob? I hear he’s got Moves Like Jagger.

artwork:  Spongebob Ninjapantsby ~willgreg123


After an early morning of meditation and 2 cups of hazelnut coffee, I spend my day shuttling my kids in, around, and through our New York apartment while helping women build their online empires. I have worked with everyone from entrepreneurs interested in revamping their online presence to small businesses that want to grow beyond their local pond. Most evenings, Iโ€™m burning dinner in hopes that hubby will show mercy on our four kids and cook an edible meal. I work from home. It gives me freedom and room to grow.


  1. My new name is SpongeAlison. I’m also going to absorb as much knowledge from kick ass people like you!

  2. Great post Vanita, I loved it!! My kids, 12, watch Spongebob all the time. And sometimes I watch it with them. I like the way you made the comparisons between bloggers and Spongebob, great analogy!!

    • Thank you girl! I am humbled because you know i love the way you compare raising kids to outer space. great seeing you.

  3. Spongebob is my favorite cartoon. I just love the guy – and I haven’t kept track of the millions of times I’ve told my son how much we could learn from him. Most of all, the kindness bit. I absolutely endorse this post. Very very cool! And I too believe we all need to de-stress watching stuff like this. Well, anything that can make us happy and laugh, is totally worth it!


    (I really don’t have the stamina today to be a mutant frog)

  4. I can commit to being like SpongeBob as long as I don’t have to grow an annoying laugh. Deal?

    • deal girlfriend! its said that dolphin sounds are mixed in with the laugh recording. i havent noticed it, but thats what “they” say. good to see u mama!

  5. Love the analogy! Kids and adults of all ages seem to like Spongbob. I say, if you get peace and quiet and can cook without burning yourself or the food, go for it. When I would babysit my neices and nephews they would sit very quiet to watch Barney. I would play it for them when I needed to get things done, and it was a win win situation. I love your game plan for blogging. Sounds great!

    • girl these kids refuse barney. and will only watch elmo for so long. lol. it’s good to see you girlfriend!

  6. What a fun post and just what I needed. I just lost some traffic recently. Is there a new Google Algorithm? It giveth the last round before this, but now it taketh away. So annoying!

  7. I just love that you know all about the Spongebob episodes. I think we could get together and chat for hours about Spongebob. He’s the best, and I don’t mind my kids watching him, simply because it’s a brilliant cartoon. Yep.

    Now, as far as your post goes, this is the way I’m totally going to look at blogging from now on, and I’m also going to draw from his carefree-ness and humor and not sweat all the little things that are stressing me out about the blogs. Thanks for this!

  8. I love this, Vanita! And the lessons you’ve taken from the show are amazing! I think I need to do better at putting myself out there.I have improved in my three years of blogging (yikes), but this is something that is like an ongoing process for me. So, yes, that will be my goal for the new year!

  9. Really? Spongebob turns your brain into mush? I’ll take him over that Marvin kid any day. As for relentless, thanks to you and your “Google Love” lessons, I’m practically living-breathing-eating my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I love this post! First, I’ve gotten slammed for letting my son watch SpongeBob, and to those people I say “my kid actually knows the difference between reality and a cartoon” and leave it at that. I’ve been saying for ages that SpongeBob is really a great role-model if you actually watch the show, for all the reasons that you listed. I think the whole world would be a better place if we were more like that sweet little sea sponge.

    • ya know, when i published the post, my teen said mom, you’re going to get slammed for suggesting that. parents are always saying spongebob will turn brains to mush, why would u suggest bloggers be more like spongebob? ๐Ÿ˜€ u get me girlfriend! hugs!