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Praise for the Google Luv Course

Praise snatched from the comments section of exercises:

Vanita, Vanita, Vanita…I sneak peeked at the Google Luv Course & I couldn’t believe how easy the concepts were to understand–FINALLY–this is just what I needed & by the time I finished watching Structuring Your Blog, I immediately knew what was wrong w/ mine on Blogger. –BlackberryMama


Excellent course – Now time to refresh and get going on all the FANTASTIC information. And Heck yeah I want to be an affiliate member
Thanks again – Well worth it and more  –areadingjournal.com


Oh Em Gee. So I’ve been sailing along all this time, not knowing this stuff!! –writingwishing.com


Do you understand how hard it is for us? Now that you’ve taught us all this good stuff, we want to go back and clean up our old posts. But we’ll be good and wait for the net exercise and then change everything around to hit page 1. Sigh. –artchoo.com


Hooray! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and help and for all the important lessons. Can’t believe how easy you made it. Thanks, again! –namzola.com


I love your course and will swear on stack of bibles of how awesome you are but wait, you already know that hahaha. Thanks so much V! –scoopsofjoy.com


LOVE it! So many new ideas and I have learning a lot. Thank you! –realmomma.com

Praise snatched from emails and testimonials:

“She’s taken all this stuff that most mom bloggers are terrified of and broken it down, explained it clearly, engaged us with assignments, and empowered us to take control of our blogs under the hood. You look at blogging in a whole new way- through Google’s eyes- and you really get to put into play some concrete ways to drive traffic to your site.” – Artchoo


…anyway, all of a sudden my traffic up; it’s totally google b/c it’s not one post. also my amazon hits are up and that has increased my sales.
so thanks for all your help and your course is immensely helpful!” – Pragmaticmom


Anyways thanks girl for your smashing course. Even though I am lagging way behind, I can feel the difference in my traffic and my alexa too. –TheMomViews


“Vanita teaches in a laid back, friendly manner, but kicks google’s butt and teaches expansive under the hood blog techniques. Her videos are easy to follow and she breaks down the class into easy parts to fit any schedule. I highly recommend taking her Google Luv Course. The cost of the class by any price is priceless for what I have learned so far and I am only in week two. Run, don’t walk to take this class.” –


“By following Vanita’s advice and implementing her course in my blog, I now have a post at number one in Google Search. ”



“The Google Luv course has brought me new inspiration to push my blog forward to the next level and with the simple to follow exercises Vanita makes what sounds hard really EASY and SIMPLE! The best part is she uses real experience combined with knowledge to deliver a phenomenal course at a too good to be true price!” – RealMomma


“I wanted to say that I’m loving your Google Luv course” – MommyHoodNextRight


“This course it helping me more than you know!!!
Thanks so much V! Love your videos and personalized attention!!!” – Doodles and Jots


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Doodle and Jots

Real Momma



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