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Writer. Editor. Blogger. Social Media Enthusiast. Happy Mom.

It was a sunny day in 2003 when my son started school as a First Grader. When he returned home after his first day of school, he asked me, “Mi, What do you do?”

I answered, “I am your Mom”

He said, “No, I meant, your job, where you earn money”

I smiled at his serious little face and responded, “I am a writer, editor and blogger”

He nodded solemnly and asked, “So what do you do?”

Truly, out of the mouths of babes, eh? Some of my extended family still asks me this question!

I have a love affair with words. After a successful corporate career in advertising, marketing and training of almost two decades, I am living my dream making a living as a Writer, Editor and Blogger today, working from home.

I do what I love and love what I do, which, as my Mom would say, is the best way to do one’s best.

I help businesses connect with their audience, in their “voice”. My business background and experience across diverse industries  is invaluable when I put myself in your shoes and write, as if I were writing for my own business.

Hire me to:

  • Write new business website content, articles, blog posts and ebooks
  • Edit and awesomize your existing website/blog/ebooks
  • Write/edit just about any type of content you need

All work and no play is not a lifestyle I recommend and so I keep my creative muscle fit by exercising it every day via my blogs at:

Vidya Sury.com – stories about all the things I enjoy in life; parenting, mindful living, conversations, coffee, books, food, music, health, DIY, travel, photography, and showing my diabetes who’s boss. 

Be Healthy, Be Happy – health blog featuring health and wellness tips for better living. Voted as best health and fitness blog in 2015

Coffee With Mi! – a personal blog, a tribute to my Mom. I miss her. Winner in the Memoirs category at the Indibloggers Indian Blogger Awards in 2013

Life Hacks for Happiness Quick life hacks to make life just a little better in the form of photo posts

Life Hacks for Diabetics I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013 and on this blog, share easy life hacks and living with diabetes tips.

Cooking With Mi Since I was sharing an overdose of food photos on social media and emailing or messaging out recipes, I figured I may as well start a food blog. You’ll find food, stories, conversations, tips, humor, all mixed with a generous dose of love.

I also love coffee, books, music, DIY, connecting with people and believe that everything is possible.