About Vidya

Collecting Smiles as a Writer, Editor, Parent and Blogger.

Love coffee, travel, photography and showing my diabetes who’s boss!

I live in Bangalore, with my husband. We have one son, who is now in college and studying on campus. After more than a decade in sales/marketing/training, I retired from my corporate career at 33 when I met my soulmate and decided to focus on family. I now enjoy the best of both the worlds: working from home & doing what I love, indulging in my hobbies, and of course, being there for my family.

I love to write and started Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles in 2003, when Google acquired Blogger. This July will be its seventeenth anniversary. I currently have 6 blogs of my own where I share stories about all the things I enjoy in life. Via my blogs and published contributions across the web, I write to collect smiles and donate to charities. I enjoy helping people.

Until 2003 when I started my first blog, I was part of the corporate world for more than a decade. I worked in a number of industries, including advertising, office automation, industrial components, pharmaceuticals, and transportation, across sales, marketing, training, and exports/imports. I decided to take a break when I got married but soon after, when I realized I was expecting a baby, I decided to explore opportunities to work from home.  A change in priorities and a passion for writing inspired me to start working as a freelance trainer initially, followed by writing, and I am now living my dream as a writer, blogger, and editor.

I write content for clients, blog for businesses, and edit manuscripts for publishers/authors. I find inspiration in everything and everyone.  I have always enjoyed writing and did not confine myself to a particular niche, but over the years I have focused on parenting, mindful living, conversations, coffee, books, food, music, health, DIY, travel, photography and, of course, showing my diabetes who’s the boss.

I do what I love and love what I do, which, as my Mom would say, is the best way to do one’s best.

Vidya’s Websites:

Vidya Sury.com – stories about all the things I enjoy in life; parenting, mindful living, conversations, coffee, books, food, music, health, DIY, travel, photography, and showing my diabetes who’s boss. 

Be Healthy, Be Happy – health blog featuring health and wellness tips for better living. Voted as best health and fitness blog in 2015
Coffee With Mi! – a personal blog, a tribute to my Mom. I miss her. Winner in the Memoirs category at the Indibloggers Indian Blogger Awards in 2013

Life Hacks for Happiness Quick life hacks to make life just a little better in the form of photo posts

Life Hacks for Diabetics I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013 and on this blog, share easy life hacks and living with diabetes tips.

Cooking With Mi Since I was sharing an overdose of food photos on social media and emailing or messaging out recipes, I figured I may as well start a food blog. You’ll find food, stories, conversations, tips, humor, all mixed with a generous dose of love.