About Vanita

After an early morning of meditation and 2 cups of hazelnut coffee, I spend my day shuttling my kids in, around, and through our New York apartment while helping women build their online empires.

I have worked with everyone from entrepreneurs interested in revamping their online presence to small businesses that want to grow beyond their local pond.

Most evenings, I’m burning dinner in hopes that hubby will show mercy on our four kids and cook an edible meal.

My family is pretty big and life is pretty short. I’m spending my days doing what I’m passionate about while still enjoying the beauty that is motherhood. Ya’ know, when it is beautiful (like those days when hubby does the cooking, the laundry’s out for drop off service, the tub is sparkling from the sweat of someone other than me, and the kids aren’t fighting).

I own two web-based businesses and a local HVAC business. I work from home. It gives me freedom and room to grow.