About Angel

My life changed forever in the year 2000. It was one of the most pivotal times in my existence; so much so that everything can be separated into life before and after it. I found out I was expecting and decided to get my teaching certification. I figured that it would allow me to take time off with my little girl on school holidays. I had a degree, so getting certified wouldn’t be too difficult. I even signed up to substitute teach. On my first day, I went into labor early. I was in labor all day without realizing it. I delivered my little girl Kandace stillborn the next day.

A few months later, I started a corporate job I wouldn’t leave for 14 years. I had multiple positions and earned numerous promotions. I acquired invaluable skills relating to customer service, qualitative analysis, marketing, writing, government policy, and more. I also learned that working in a corporate setting was hazardous to my mental, physical, and emotional health. I was under so much constant stress and pressure that eventually, I was forced to make a choice between myself and my job. I chose myself.

I started a company and became a virtual assistant. I provided event planning, marketing/social media, and consumer support services.  My husband offered mobile errand and delivery services. It’s been difficult and there have been times I’ve had to work for others while running my business, but I haven’t given up on my dreams and we’re still pushing ahead. Choosing myself is a choice I’ll never regret. 

Life is hard. If you’re reading this, you’ve experienced or are experiencing tremendous difficulty and you’d like to figure out a way forward for the good of yourself and your family. I’ve shared my experiences with you so you can know what you’re looking for is possible, in spite of all you’ve lived through and all you’ve lost. All you need is a dream and some help. We’re here and will do all we can to provide the latter.