Though I did make a good income in the past from blogging, it was never enough income to support my family. If it were not for my design and marketing skills, I would have been back to the corporate grind a long time ago.

Feeling disenchanted by the whole blog business/passive income dream? Whether it be from lack of income or your heart just not being in it – I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone girlfriend.

Many bloggers are tired of chasing stats and blog hopping their day away in return for a few adsense dollars.

Do you feel as if you’re selling bits of your soul in exchange for enough to buy a mani-pedi and a mocha frap grande?

If you’re a blogger who wants to build her business, this post may get your gears turning and ideas brewing.


First, let’s get this out of the way.

Work at home does not mean some cheesy sleazy get rich scam that costs a barrel of money and then doesn’t work.

I can’t number all the ways moms can work from home and build an empire of their own, but let’s start with an even dozen.

These are a few work-at-home, mom-run businesses that I find:

  • have potential
  • are easy to start
  • need a small investment
  • getting started can fit into almost any mom’s schedule

1 – Traveling Hairdresser

When I lived in Brooklyn, there was a mom of 3 in my building who was once a hairdresser. The chic could do wonders with a blow dryer, a handful of bobby pins and a brush. Even with her 3 kids, all under 5, tugging at her legs. I worked 2 hours overtime one Wednesday and had a meeting the next morning with potential clients. My hair was a mess to say the least. When I griped about my hair, she pulled out the blow dryer and followed me to my apartment, all kids in tow.

For the last 6 months that I lived in Brooklyn, I never saw the inside of a hair salon again.

Never had to rush home to get to the salon before it closes.

And? She was less expensive than the Salons.

Never had to rush home to get to the salon before it closes.

And? She was less expensive than the Salons.

I would have to pay for an extra hour of babysitting AND pay the hairdresser $40 to wash and blow dry my hair straight. With Leanna scheduled to drop by at 8pm (while her kids were with her hubby), I had lots of time to feed the kids, get ’em settled and wash my own hair.

Here are pictures from 2006 of her styling younger teen’s hair for a school party. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have hooked that mama up with a website and a local web presence so people could find her on their iPhones.



2 – ChildCare

Certified childcare giver? You are not limited to craigslist and flyers honey. Moms are always searching online for caregivers and having a solid web presence with reviews and showing off your credentials gives you an advantage over the competition.


3 – Caterer

No you don’t need some fancy shop to sell your baked goods and mouth watering dishes. You need a website, pictures, reviews, a listing on all the major review sites and the willingness to deliver samples to a client’s home or office. When my friend Patty was reviewing caterers for her wedding reception, the running around was the most stressful bit. She would leave work early or on her lunch break to check out some caterer in the city. Would have been a whole hell of a lot easier if she could have visited websites, checked out reviews and ordered dishes to sample and have it delivered to her office.


4 – Holiday Decorator

By: David DeHetre

One thing I can tell you about my old neighborhood, it was always decked out for the holidays – Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Shop windows had colorful drawings and there was never a gaudy, blinding house at Christmas. There was a team of two moms and a teen in the neighborhood that had established themselves as holiday decorators. From what my ex-landlady told me, they had a portfolio and catalogs with decoration ideas. The home owner would buy the supplies themselves but the team was responsible for first coming up with a design and then implementing it once everything arrived. Smart. Hell, if they were affiliates for the companies who’s catalogs they used…super smart.


5 – Mommy Assistant

I saw an ad for someone searching for a Mommy Assistant once on Craigslist. Looong time ago. And I thought, is that the same as a wet nurse? But learned it was a mom, a busy work from home mom, looking for someone to assist her with errands, shopping, making lunches and picking up her kids when she was tied up. She actually wanted someone for a few hours daily. Now let’s say you’re a mommy assistant that does errands and pick ups only. You could have multiple clients in the name neighborhood. Where do you get these kind of clients? Offline networking of course. PTA meetings, community meetings, community centers, a flyer at the YMCA or local dance school. Hell if you’ve got local Facebook friends, they could help get the word out too. A blog to place your reviews is optional as long as you have references.


6 – Seamstress

Now, I’m not looking to put the local cleaners out of business, but it’s $15 to hem a pair of pants. Do you know how expensive school uniforms can become when you’re paying $30/pants x 3 plus $15 to hem each? It took the Cleaners 20 minutes to hem all 3 pants while I waited. Forty-five dollars. Sistah, if you’re nearby and can do it cheaper, I’ll leave those pants with you for a week. If you have your own machine, you can find clients in all the same places listed for Mommy Assistant and create a profile on Yelp, Google Places and Foursquare for local customers looking for a seamstress from their mobile phone or desk. Once established, a website with reviews and pictures builds your credential.


7 – Embroider

Custom embroidered bags, tees, jackets. Reach out to your local shops and factories that have uniformed employees. Dance schools, gyms, martial arts facilities and yoga centers usually sell merchandise with their logos embroidered on to them. Seo a website for those services you want to offer but also hit the pavement with business cards and samples.


8 – Editing Services

Anal about capitalization? Write with spellcheck off cause you’re smarted than the auto correct? Girlfriend what are you waiting for? There are multiple niche services you can offer. Copy editing, dissertation editing, proof reading everything from blog posts to website copy to manuscripts. Give out a few freebies in return for reviews and get yourself a search engine optimized website.


9 – Accountant

You were once a corporate accountant and now you’re a mommy at home with twins? Many people offer this service virtually and yet there doesn’t seem to be enough experienced accounts to go around. When I was working in corporate, though we had an accounting department, there was a virtual specialist for tax time. One of my previous clients runs his business out of his home, his accountant is virtual too.


10 – Carpenter

Made to order furniture…does not have to come from a store. Meet Cher of Designs by Studio C. If she were local, I’d keep her busy with orders. Visit her website. She’s doing an incredible job promoting her talents.


11 – Launderers

No, you don’t need your own laundromat to make this one work. Have a car? Know how to separate whites from colors and fold clothing? I’d pay good money to have someone pick up my laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it and bring it back to me all within a day. Take in several orders a day. No website needed. Hit the pavement and use social media.


12 – Photographers

This is one of my favorites. I’ve come across women with an amazing eye for photography. Some who trained professionally, some who it comes to naturally and grew up with a camera in their hands. AMAZING photographers, i should know, I worked in the imaging industry for 12 years with photographers. Guys who make big bucks from name brands. I know when a shot is breathtaking. When the lighting is right. When the picture is retouched or the real deal. Mama, take that camera, build your portfolio, build a search engine optimized website offering your niche of photography (family photographers are the best way to start) to local customers and go for it!

Anything based on past work experience that you excel at

Personal sports trainers.

Party planners.


Pastry Chefs. (If you live in the Bronx and make peanut and tree nut free desserts, drop me an email.)

Certified Nutritionists.

Resident nurses.



Secretary/Executive Assistant.

Personal shoppers. (Yes, truly. If you can dress my shape and put the right colors on me, you’re hired.)

You can take your expertise and make a living from home.

Takes a small investment and lots of elbow grease.

But it can be done.

What WAH jobs can you add to this list?

home office By: Fabio Bruna


After an early morning of meditation and 2 cups of hazelnut coffee, I spend my day shuttling my kids in, around, and through our New York apartment while helping women build their online empires. I have worked with everyone from entrepreneurs interested in revamping their online presence to small businesses that want to grow beyond their local pond. Most evenings, I’m burning dinner in hopes that hubby will show mercy on our four kids and cook an edible meal. I work from home. It gives me freedom and room to grow.


  1. Um, social media consulting? 🙂
    I’d also add freelance writing, game/ app developer and my cousin is an architect with her own firm, working from home!

    • I purposely did not add SM consulting, cause I knew you would. 😀
      architect from home? Dad Brady style? (ya know, as in Brady Bunch) That Rocks!
      I’d love to interview her sometime.

    • well hot damn! the secret lives we live. sounds excellent girl. can i ask, do you work for a company or do you take on multiple clients?

      • I worked at a hospital for a year, then home now for a long time doing all kinds of multiple medical subjects for many work-at-home transcription companies. Right now, I just do one doctor who is a perfect dictator.

        • THis is wonderful. It’s very inspiring that you were able to take your experience, knowledge and skills and use it to WAH. Bravo! Many don’t realize that they can take skills they excel at and build a business online. they are lead to believe they have to be internet marketers to work from home. thank you for sharing your story with us girlfriend. i do appreciate it.

    • Ya damn right!
      women are strong and amazingly resilient. and when we set our mind to doing something, we can kick ass at it. thank you for your suggestions my sistah

  2. Why my comment disappeared?


    also Teachers, Counselors, Gofers – and now I forgot one more title I wrote yesterday! Bwaaahahahaha!

    • lol. the spam filter decided you were um spammy. lol. thank you for adding some many more great titles to the list.

    • thank you girlfriend, thank you. have a great thanksgiving! i am absolutely grateful for friends like you.

  3. This is something that I have a feeling will be in my future due to my health situation; I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job of it so far anyway ^.^

    It may not make A LOT of money (depending on how much time you have to put into it) but a nice Etsy store/business is a nice way to start making a little extra money.

    BTW, you’re in trouble ma’am! Why didn’t you tell me you had a new blog!! Love, love, LOVE 🙂

    • Re: BTW, you’re in trouble ma’am! Why didn’t you tell me you had a new blog!! Love, love, LOVE
      girl that’s what happens when you never ever open a newsletter email (or an affiliate email for the matter) there are new banners available and a whole other bunch of stuff you’ve missed

  4. Great article. I’m inspired by the number of ways we discovered how to pursue talents into income from home.