Google Plus for Entrepreneurs: How To Reach Your Market


Traffic to your website is awesome, but, it means nothing if that traffic isn’t the traffic that you exist for.

Well, not You, you, your Website you.

Fame, fortune, both… whatever you purpose for being online is…it’s all good.

But as you probably learned 6 months after your site went live, you need more than a kick ass website design to fulfill your purpose.

Google Plus is a great tool to add to your marketing strategy, but when utilized incorrectly, can leave your frustrated.

Your website was built for a purpose.

Those pages and articles were created with a purpose.

You went to Google Plus with a purpose.

To reach your audience – those people who want what you have and will be happy to be a part of your fan club or pay you money, or both.

So…how’s that been working for you?

Not too well? Or, not as well as you like?

Then read on buddy. This quick and dirty how-to has 4 solid tips for reaching your target market on Google+.

Tip One: Stop Flying, Flocking, Whatever the Hell Birds Do…

You’re not a bird. You don’t need to hang with your flock all the time. I totally get Thursday nights at the bar with your peers from work. And yes, Google Plus is a great place to socialize with those peers when you’re not or can’t throw back a few together. But if your purpose of being on Google Plus is to reach your market, then get the hell out there and do it!

I’m not saying leave your people behind, but the majority of your time should be spent with your market.

Now, before the food bloggers who have food blogging tribes gather to shove Bailey’s Mocha Cheesecake Cups down my throat (perfect way to die) to shut me up for suggesting something as blasphemous as focusing on google plusers who are not food bloggers, let me say now, this post was not intended for you if the purpose of your marketing strategy is to increase traffic via a tribe with the financial goals of selling advertising space.

However if you are a food blogger with the intention of publishing a cookbook or offering cooking classes online, then keep reading.

Once you know who your market is, finding those people on Google Plus is super easy.

Tip Two: Join communities that are centered around topics that relate to your industry, but for Monkey’s sake don’t spam them!

Food bloggers who create super healthy, quick recipes for people with diabetes, join communities centered around that topic. If you can create recipes for this market, you sure as hell must know enough about diabetes to carry a conversation. Check out the Diabetes Weightloss Community or the general Diabetes Community.

Are you a New York City Lawyer? Specialize in Immigration? The U.S. Immigration Community is a good place to start or start your own community.

But do not spam these communities. Instead, socialize, see if there are questions you can comment on with recommendations or give direct answers to. More importantly, go through the list of members and circle people.

Tip Three: Produce articles on your website that your audience can benefit from.

These should not be articles about your business or you. The articles should be information your target market can benefit from. For example, lawyers…dude…there is so much you guys can share in the form of posts explaining laws that govern your area. Legalease definitely goes over the heads of a majority of your target market, that’s why they need you. Your flock? They don’t need to know this stuff, but your market does. Become known as the go-to-guy who’s a resource on law in your area. Get even more specific: criminal law, divorce law. Publish articles that will tell me how to divorce my hubby if I win the lottery and want to keep all my winnings to myself (not that I would ever want to do that).

Speaking of the spouse, we launched our offline business last month, an Air Conditioning and Heating business here in NYC, and published out first post last week about indoor air quality, how it can hurt your health and how to improve it. That post was written specifically for a subset of our target market, home owners.

Produce articles your audience can benefit from and share it on Google+. These are the types of articles that get shared and it will bring you traffic and people will remember you when they need you or know someone else who does.

Tip Four: Build A Tribe

Have online friends in industries/niches that compliment yours? Build a tribe. It’s very likely your target markets overlap. If I were a lawyer, I’d hook up with Real Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Business Coaches, etc. People who’s clients could use my services. Build a tribe with these people so you can share their articles with your network and they can return the favor. It will build your online exposure and do good things for your website’s search engine ranking (if you have a content strategy and search engine marketing plan in place).

For more help with Google Plus:


Happy Holidays All!


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  1. says

    You always make it sound easy. What I love is how you generously show how. I downloaded that book. Thanks! :)

    You always kick ass, Vani. And I am freaking out over your lyrical long sentence in that | mesage to food bloggers. I think being stuffed with mocha cheesecake may be a cool way to die.
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Soul Connection With Kaarina DillaboughMy Profile

  2. says

    Good stuff, Vanita!

    Not spamming people is a good tip – many of the communities I was in do that, spamming. So I’ve had to leave. But I haven’t got round to joining other relevant ones, it’s on my to-do list for 2014!
    Alison recently posted…Happy Holidays!My Profile

  3. says

    I think one of the hardest parts of not having a solid niche is finding your tribe — at least it is for me. I mean, I supposedly have a niche, but it’s kind of all over the map. I’ve always had a hard time finding “my people.” When I do, they really stick. But it’s like a needle in a haystack thing.
    Tammy recently posted…Life Through the Window PainMy Profile