Apologies For Pimping A Freebie On The Wrong Day

Every now and then, a good idea, no matter how well you think you’ve planned it out, can go sour.

My good – ok…honestly… great – idea over the weekend was to write about how to make money from blogging. The post focused on the importance of knowing your audience and providing them value. In researching examples of web based entrepreneurs who focused on their audience and provided great content, I came across Rachel Rodgers, who’s legal practice specializes in working with women entrepreneurs, and I realized…I knew this chic.

Rachel is the legal mastermind half of Small Business Bodyguard and her free email legal clinic signup would be an awesome resource to share with you guys. And I did. But first, being the enterprising blogger that I am, I signed up as an affiliate of their Small Business Bodyguard program. I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t promote it, but if my introducing my audience to SBB eventually led to sales, well, I’d be silly to lose out. Opportunities missed and all that.

Here’s how I screwed up…I shared a freebie with you guys on Cyber Monday. The day Small Business Bodyguard, (a $5000 resource) was available for $197.

Now here’s something to keep in mind when you’re ready to pimp your own product:

As I have told many entrepreneurs before, your sales page should be focused on how your product can help the visitor and only have one call-to-action, that one thing you want the visitor to do when they land on your sales page. No distractions.

So as any savvy business would do, SBB removed all their distractions. Including the free email legal clinic signup.

I didn’t realize this until after 10pm last night. I apologize if you headed over yesterday to grab your free resource and found only the sales page.

The signup box has not been added back into the site yet, but SBB was kind enough to send me the direct link so I can pass along to you guys.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you sign up to grab your freebies.

Sidenote: The links above are not affiliate links. It’s a great resource. Wanted to make sure I got it into your hands.

Lesson learned: Don’t Pimp Freebies on Cyber Monday.


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  1. says

    Okay, I TOTALLY appreciate you apologizing for this because that’s who you are — all super-extra honest and up-fronty, “never screw any one over or you can’t sleep” person and whatnot — but really, we understand. CyberMonday is NUTS. And this is SUCH a silly mishap. If anyone got peeved at you over this (and I can’t imagine they did) has clearly never made a mistake.

    Incidentally, damn, that was a screamin’ deal. 197 bucks? I should’ve looked at it earlier.
    Tammy recently posted…I will Hug my Blog and Squeeze it and Call it GeorgeMy Profile

  2. says

    I, for one, wasn’t pissed at all! Just confused :) I figured that they were doing a special, so thought I’d just check back in later this week. I appreciate your correcting the mistake, and sharing the link here! (I signed up)
    Alison recently posted…That Time I Got A Good IdeaMy Profile