The 5 Necessities of Successfully Launching Anything Online



Starting a blog and launching a blog…two different things.

When I started my old blog, After Bedtime Blog, it was to connect to other moms.

I had no plan in place…

No Content Strategy.

No Editorial Calendar.

No Social Media Profile.

Absolutely No Clue.

The same can be said about the time I started a podcast…starting and launching are two different things.

I signed up for an AudioBoo account and recorded a 3 minute podcast. Took me 10 minutes – from the moment I decided to start podcasting to the moment I completed my first recording.

And then I never made another recording.

Until recently.

But this time, it was not on a we’ll-wing-it whim. My partners, Poppy and Tammy, and I worked our asses off for two months on the launch of our Blogging Betties Podcast & Blog.

Long hours of research.

Lots of strategy sessions.

Lots of Skype convos and Basecamp discussions about registering our business, design, content, possible guests, how to monetize…

Two months of working with 2 of the most fabulous women I’ve met online (there’s several of you) to build something new, fun and informative that could help and inspire our fellow bloggers…and I wasn’t even around on launch day to help make it a success.

Five days before launch day, my mom unexpectedly passed.

The morning of March 18th, 2014, when Blogging Betties went live, I was at the crematorium. What was suppose to be one of the most exciting moments of my blogging career turned out to be one of the most horrible moments in my life. The woman who was both my mother and father for over 30 years was locked in a box that seemed more like cardboard than the wooden thing I knew I paid for, gliding across a moving ramp into an incinerator.

Blogging Betties…forgotten. I was completely useless for the 5 days leading up to the launch and only semi functional these last 10 days.

But Blogging Betties still launched.

Without me – though I seemed to be very much a part of it.

And as I look back, those choices that were made that seemed ordinary, logical…is what made it happen.

And now that I’m done depressing you, I want to share with you what I’ve learned to be the most important things necessary for a successful launch of [maybe] anything online.

launchphoto credit: 500px

Necessity #1 Help.

You need help. Don’t do it alone. Whether you choose to have partners or pay people to assist during launch time, get help. If I had been launching Blogging Betties alone I would have never been able to stick to the launch deadline. My partners and I encouraged and supported each other’s strengths and weaknesses. (Poppy is a wicked task master. Tammy can research like a MOFO.) And when I couldn’t be there, they covered me.

Necessity #2 Be willing to not do it all.

This may sound similar to Necessity #1, but it’s actually different. Some have assumed that since I’m so technical and a designer that I’ve been handling the audio technical responsibilities or creating the pinnable images, but it’s not me. Poppy is a whiz at podcasting procedures and editing audio (and I’m torturing her to offer her services) and Tammy has a great eye for design and is killing it at Picmonkey. If I had to do all that on top of learning the audio stuff – and yes i can be a control freak – we wouldn’t have launched yet.

Necessity #3 Ask your network for support.

Don’t be shy. Don’t wait for them to find out on launch day. Reach out to friends personally and ask for help promoting the launch. When I realized I wouldn’t be around to do my share on launch day, I reached out to friends personally and asked that they pimp the podcast on launch day. I wish I had more time on that day to ask more friends and was able to pimp it myself at the time. Special thanks to those friends who had my back.

Necessity #4 Communicate

Do not be afraid to communicate with your partners or the support team you hire. One thing I love about working with Poppy and Tammy is that we’re secure enough in our friendship to say “hey how about you do it like this instead”. We have the shared goal of making the podcast awesome. Being able to communicate our ideas and being open to improvement recommendations is what makes the podcast so good.

Necessity #5 Research and Plan

These two go hand in hand. It’s what differentiates launching from starting. Doing your research and making a plan will keep you focused on the goal. It will give you the confidence needed to weather the first couple of weeks when your newest venture seems to be taking baby steps to stardom. It will keep you going even when you feel daunted by the competition and overwhelmed by all the work.

The Take Away

No man’s an island and they shouldn’t have to be.

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  1. Tracie Murray says

    Hi Vanita,I\’m deeply sorry to read about your personal loss. I am still hopeless when it comes to “professional” blogging, but you know my can-do spirit. Plus, I’m a writer at heart, so that saves me. Have you or WOULD you create a post/training about eBook authoring? I need that.