WordPress 3.9 is Kick-Ass-Like-Kung Fu Awesome


Yes I'm a big fan of Kung Fu movies. Can you believe this? Of course I love the panda in Kung Fu Panda and who can not love Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon and Jackie Chan in that and Rush Hour. Even Keanu has a bit of Kung Fu action going on in the Matrix. [...]

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The 5 Necessities of Successfully Launching Anything Online


  Starting a blog and launching a blog...two different things. When I started my old blog, After Bedtime Blog, it was to connect to other moms. I had no plan in place... No Content Strategy. No Editorial Calendar. No Social Media Profile. Absolutely No Clue. The same can be said about the time I started [...]

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Free Stock Photos That Could Have Cost $1000


Over the past 3 years I can honestly say I've paid a couple hundred dollars for stock photos. So when I heard Getty Images was going to allow bloggers to use any of 35 million photos for free...well, you can bet your butt I started dreaming of a new pair of Steve Madden Renegaids. Getty [...]

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When Your Blog Design Angers Google+


  Who would have thunk it? Google is checking out your blog. And not for SEO purposes. Or a Mascarpone Espresso Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake recipe. mmm yum yum good. Instead, Google's reviewing how you're incorporating their branding into your blog design. Have custom social media icons? Oh-oh. I was pretty darn surprised when my girlfriend Vidya [...]

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Matt says fork it. Guest posting is done.


Are you panicking that your search engine ranking is about to tank because you've published guest posts on your blog? Have you got your emails ready? You know, the ones you plan to send out to every blog you've guest posted on, requesting they remove your guest post because it's now a big No-No according [...]

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Google Plus for Entrepreneurs: How To Reach Your Market


Traffic to your website is awesome, but, it means nothing if that traffic isn't the traffic that you exist for. Well, not You, you, your Website you. Fame, fortune, both... whatever you purpose for being online is...it's all good. But as you probably learned 6 months after your site went live, you need more than [...]

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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers


Is there a difference between affiliate marketing in general and affiliate marketing specifically for bloggers? Technically, no. In my mind, yes. I'll explain why. But first, so you know what you're in for... In today's post: I'm sharing a quick story about when I was a slimy affiliate-marketer-wanna-be What affiliate marketing is How to pick [...]

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Sponsored Advertising 102: What to charge for ad space


Welcome to Sponsored Advertising 102! Have you ever wondered why an advertiser didn't follow up after you submitted your ad space rates? Why you're not getting buyers at all? Why an advertiser says your rates are too high even though you're charging what others in your niche charge? Why advertisers ARE jumping to buy ad [...]

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Sponsored Advertising 101


Welcome to Sponsored Advertising 101! Please excuse me while I set my Blogger Hat aside to put on my Search Engine Marketer Hat. We're heading straight to the meat and bones of how to entice your own advertisers and what to charge. But first an unexpected change of plans (I'm adding this in after writing [...]

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Apologies For Pimping A Freebie On The Wrong Day

Every now and then, a good idea, no matter how well you think you've planned it out, can go sour. My good - ok...honestly... great - idea over the weekend was to write about how to make money from blogging. The post focused on the importance of knowing your audience and providing them value. In [...]

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